Bedtime Stories

Lennox Digital, Web & Social Campaign


The problems that Lennox air conditioners and furnaces solve are problems we can all relate to: Feeling too hot or too cold. Allergies. Arguing over the thermostat.

With the Bedtime Stories video series, landing page and printed books, we showed that these problems can all have happy endings with Lennox.


Three animated stories we created for the Lennox social media channels and the Bedtime Stories landing page.


Fairytale product descriptions complete with original illustrations from each of the stories. 

See the full landing page here.


A standard product brochure just doesn’t have the same ring as a fairytale. So we gave Lennox dealers hard copies of each Bedtime Story to share with families shopping for HVAC systems.

CD: Jason Heatherly 

AD: Caleb Alba

Production House: Equilateral Films