Rethink Your Air

Lennox TV Campaign


Most of us don't think about our air conditioners and furnaces unless something's broken and we're complaining. But why not optimize the air in our homes until it's not just not broken, but perfect, so we can sleep better, feel better and improve every aspect of our well-being?

The Rethink Your Air campaign pokes fun at the wellness trends of today that aim to help people achieve perfect well-being (all of which I've tried, by the way) and makes a case for the simplest building block for life there is: pure, clean air to breathe.

´╗┐CD: Tripp Westbrook

ACD: Jason Heatherly

AD: Caleb Alba

Producer: Chelle McDonald

Director: Jakob Strom with Cultivate

Editor: Deedle LaCour with Charlie Uniform Tango