Lennox: Rethink Your Air




You can try all the wellness trends you want, but if you're ignoring your HVAC system—as most of us do—you're forgetting about your body's most basic need: air.  Because how can you possibly feel your best when you're too hot, too cold, or allergic to your own home?

With the Rethink Your Air campaign, we showed people why perfect air is part of perfect health. Also, I've tried all of the wellness fads in these spots, and I can confirm that breathing is definitely the easiest way to feel good.

CD/CW: Tripp Westbrook

ACD/AD: Jason Heatherly

AD: Caleb Alba

CWs: Michael Buss, me

Producer: Chelle McDonald

Director: Jakob Strom with Cultivate

Editor: Deedle LaCour with Charlie Uniform Tango

Agency: Firehouse